Sunday, November 25, 2007

Dear Doubters

I warned you. I explained it to you. Put simply, I told you so. Rex Grossman isn't Brett Favre. He isn't even Kurt Warner. But he certainly is an NFL quarterback and he definitely is the best hurler the Chicago Bears currently employ. He has poise, he has guile, and he has confidence.

He showed all three tonight as he led the Bears to a comeback against the visiting Denver Broncos. Grossman began the game with mediocrity, his passer rating falling somewhere in the low forties by the end of the first half. Both the offense and defense were carried into the waning minutes of the contest by the Bears' own personal Jesus Christ: Devin Hester. All previous thoughts were cast aside, however, as Grossman led the Bears down the field with less than three minutes left and seven points the trailer and pulled off a great drive and a better TD pass to Berrian to tie the game. Five plays later in overtime, including a couple of sniper bolt passes from Grossman, and the Bears have managed to put off an end to their playoff hopes for another week.

Where are the Brian Griese fans out there? Hello? Is this thing on?

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Chuck said...

They're still not a good team. Some good players and some good plays, but not a good team.