Sunday, November 11, 2007

Welcome Back

Everyone who has known me for five minutes knows my sports affiliations: Cubs, Bulls, Hawks, er...Packers. Okay, so a great majority of my extended is from Green Bay. Okay, so a state that embraces the consumption of cheap beer, dairy products, and various over-processed meat products is a bit too appealing to pass up. So I'm a Packers fan, deal with it.

Having said all that, if the Pack aren't playing the Bears, I'm an instant Bears fan. I live in Chicago after all (unlike some of the pretenders/movers I know). If you look at the early history of this blog you will be forced to admit to one thing: I told you so.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. Brian Griese is old and bad, Rex Grossman is young and bad but potentially good, which means he ought to be the everyday starter for your Chicago Bears. He stepped in this evening against the Raiders, a game in which Griese looked mediocre by the way, and threw the game winning touchdown pass. The only thing that was more vomit-inducing than Matt Vasgersian announcing the game (Stick to baseball ****head) was that once again Rex did not start the game. Welcome back, young fella. Try not to eff it up this time.

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Anonymous said...

By effing up do you mean getting sacked and then fumbling the ball in turn losing the game...once again?