Monday, November 5, 2007

Offensive Line

Dear Chicago Bears Fan,

You are stupid. I’d like to thank you personally for being an idiot. You and your cub fan counterparts have ruined home games for smart people. This weekend I could have purchased tickets to the San Fran vs. Atlanta game. These 4 tickets, yes 4, in the 200 level would have cost me a total of $200. Yes I know, the Falcons are terrible with only 2 wins. I’ve got a secret. The Bears only have 3! $200 might let me peak inside a Bears game from the 300 level next to some half-retarded guy still wearing his Refrigerator Perry shirt and zuba pants. I was there in attendance at the Vikings vs. Bears game. I was given this ticket at no charge, a Cadillac club level ticket with a face value of $295. This is ridiculous. If people were willing to pay top dollar for bad food, McDonald’s would get rid of the dollar menu. Stop paying too much for crappy football. I enjoy going to games, I’m a fan, but I’m not stupid. I dream of a city that doesn’t just go to the game because “that’s what you do.” I want the fans to go because the team wants everyone there. When a fan gets a decent price to go to a crappy game, I’ll stop calling you all stupid. If I’m paying that much, I might as well get some quality. “Oh, its all about the experience,” is not rationalizing your lack of intelligence. My prime example is the White Sox. When the team was doing horrible at the end of the season tickets were nearly free. The Bears hope for post-season play is nearly gone. Let’s get some cheap seats. Until then, I’ll be going to other stadiums to watch fan-friendly teams.

“It’s always better to pissed off than pissed on”



TCSR said...

Couldn't have said it better myself, aside from the Cubs jab. Coughcoughwhitesoxaregaycoughahem!

Chuck said...

maybe the Cubs would win a world series if they (the fans) asked for a better team, 90% of those meatheads and hos don't know the slightest thing about baseball. I can't wait for the sox to pick up Johnny Damon.

TCSR said...

I'll put my future A-Rod to your aging Johnny Damon any day.