Friday, November 16, 2007


First off this is a real game. It was made up by a bunch of swim coaches in the 70's. It is sort of like kick ball, but instead of running around the bases, you run to Planet Clair (69 strides from home plate.) To get the runner out the defense must get the basketball back to the Bopper (the pitcher) The kicking team has a 3 people trying to keep the ball away from the Bopper, while the defense tries to get the ball back to the Bopper.) The kicking team can do what ever they want to keep the ball away. Once the batter reaches Plant Clair the rest of his team must yell Zinger before he can run back. The play ends when either the basketball gets back to the Bopper for the batter gets back home. There are 9 innings with 3 outs per side.

Kicking team gets 1 point if the runner reaches Planet Clair
Kicking team gets another point if everyone in the field touches the ball (the runner is off limits until he touches the ball, when he touches the ball the defense can do what ever they want to him)

The team changes sides once they record three outs.

This game is played on a huge field, football field is too small.

Hint: Don't kick the ball with your toe, use the side of your foot unless you want broken toes.

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