Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Here Is The Difference

As the Bulls dropped another game tonight to bring their early record to a stunningly bad 0-4, it started me thinking of the good old days. More importantly, it started me thinking about the difference between the Jordan era teams and these baby Bulls. I don't want to discuss the obvious: the different players, a different coaching staff, etc. I'm more interested in the ethereal, the non-tangible differences.

They simply feel different, don't they? I remember watching the Bulls back in the late 90's and simply KNOWING they were going to win. Every game. Every Night. Every year. Maybe this team could be something special, but maybe not. Back in the day, their simply was no question. They WERE something special and proved such on a nightly basis.

What's the point? I'm simply sick of hearing about how these new Bulls regularly have dropped to terrible early season records only to bounce back into the playoffs. Take a gander at the 72-10 Bulls. Did they drop their first three? Four? Nine? No, in fact they won their first eighteen, if memory serves. I want those Bulls back. And I expect Paxon to do what it takes to bring them to me, or else get the hell out of town.


Chuck said...

I would have loved a Kobe trade.

TCSR said...

Then you aren't paying attention.