Sunday, October 21, 2007

BoSox Do It Again

Class. Attitude. Swagger. All of these words describe the AL Champion Boston Red Sox well, though perhaps not as well as the most important of words: winners. Never before has a team been so prepared to tackle a major deficit in a championship series and yet that takes nothing away from what the New England team has done once again. They have overcome seemingly impossible odds for the second time in four years to make it back to the World Series.

From Theo Epstein on down, this organization represents the pride and class of Major League Baseball. They have youngsters like Pappelbon, they have veterans like Big Poppy. They play quietly like Julio Lugo, they play loudly like Manny Ramirez. They win like...well, like Red Sox.

They even entertain us with their celebration, from Pappelbon's river dancing to the Irish victory music over the P.A. The World Series is coming back to Fenway Park, so get out your bottles of whiskey and your Dropkick Murphy songs. This one is going to be a good one.


Chuck said...

That Irish victory music would be "Tessie" by Dropkick. Love the BoSox

TCSR said...

Yes, and I love that song too. As much as I hated to see Cleveland lose (effing Snippy), I'm happy to see the BoSox back in the Series.