Tuesday, October 16, 2007

TCSR's First Funny Friday Challenge

A brief announcement since this is a new blog: every Friday will feature a "Funny Friday Challenge" for the site's writers and readers. The first challenge will be to construct a cast for the Chicago Bears 2008 season, consisting of real or fictional characters. In other words, Brian Griese can be represented by either Harrison Ford or Han Solo, makes no difference. If anyone who reads the blog (admittedly a small number at this point) submits a cast, I will post the best one on Friday morning along with the writer's responses. The following are the players/people you must cast for, along with a 7 word optional explanation of your reasoning (i.e. physical resemblance, a propensity for similar actions, etc.). Cheers, and happy casting.

1. Rex Grossman
2. Brian Griese
3. Cedric Benson
4. Moose Muhammad
5. Brian Urlacher
6. Peanut Tillman
7. Robbie Gould
8. Devin Hester
9. Lance Briggs
10. Lovie Smith
11. John Madden

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