Friday, October 26, 2007

Funny Friday Challenge (Chuck)

After reviewing my names, I realized I went with an anatomy theme. Here are my funniest names in sports.

Baseball-Rusty Kuntz from the Detroit Tigers. I know, great name but keep reading, they get better.

Basketball-Magic Johnson. A Magic Johnson? Maybe, but its not immune to the HIV.

Football-Harry Colon-Defensive back for the Detroit Lions.

Hockey-Adam Foote. One of my favorite NHL players.

NASCAR-Dick Trickle. Ah, Dick Trickle, the smoking while drinking old style while driving NASCAR driver. I don't get racing, but it would only make sense to do it drunk. Trickle was known for installing cigarette lighters in his cars. He also drilled a hole in his helmet so he can smoke through it. On another note, I'm developing a hat with a very long back to shade people from getting a redneck.

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