Monday, October 29, 2007

Something Different

We don't talk much about ourselves on this blog, nor should we, so I'll make this brief. If you ever have had, or in the future experience a panic attack, please keep in mind. They have a ton of info on ways to cope and get through that particular experience. They aren't dangerous, just ridiculously terrifying, as I found out when I had my first attack this afternoon. It's also hereditary, so ask your parents about if you like. Anyway, back to the manly man-ness of sports.


TCSR said...

Incidentally, this picture is the same look I had on my face while watching the Bears game Sunday.

Chuck said...

You are freaking out...MAN!

TCSR said...

It was better when my Dad asked me what happened, asked me if I was alright, then said, "Dammit I was in Vietnam. What do you have to be panicked about?", at which point I had to say, "yeah, I got nothing."