Friday, October 19, 2007

Funny Friday Challenge (2)

Here is the cast for this years Bears team:

Rex Grossman/George Tenet: Rex finds receivers like the CIA finds WMD's
Brian Griese/John Travolta: Okay, so it's a lame reference to "Grease"
Cedric Benson/Ice Cube: Big headed money grubbing pile of mediocrity anyone?
Moose Muhammad/Bulwinkle: Both are moose and neither can catch
Brian Urlacher/John Favraeau: Seen "The Replacements"?
Peanut Tillman/Li'l John: They are the same person, I swear
Robbie Gould/Jake Gyllanhall: They are young, productive, and I'm wonder where the hell they came from
Devin Hester/Buckwheat: Running back kicks is Ooooh-Tey
Lance Briggs/Britney Spears: Apparently they went to they same Driving School
Lovie Smith/John Amos: Seriously, they have the EXACT same skull
John Madden/Jabba The Hut: Interesting side note, they speak the same unintelligable language

Check back for next weeks challenge: The Best Names In Sports


Chuck said...

I can't believe you voted for yourself. I think we're losers.

Chuck said...

Oh, and John Amos actually played pro football in the 60's

TCSR said...

Of course I voted for myself, I wouldn't be an ego-maniac if I didn't.