Friday, October 26, 2007

Funny Friday Challenge (Tims)

Ahem, the ARE the best names in pro sports:

*Baseball - Grant Balfour: Pronounced like "ball four", this pitcher has struggled in the majors due to his inability to throw strikes. Go figure.

*Football - Priest Holmes: A once dominant NFL running back or a clergyman from Humboldt Park? Can't it be both?

*Basketball - God Shamgod: How can one mother simultaneously show her opinion of her first born and also offend most of the population on the planet? God Shamgod, that's how.

*Hockey - Steve Passmore: I can hear it now.
"Hey, Passmore."
"Screw you, I'm the best shooter on the team."
"No, I'm saying Passmore."
"And I'm saying go fuck yourself." (followed by a slapshot to a teamate's face)

*Volleyball - Karch Karaly: Is it Polish, Lithuanian, Russian, Portuguese? Whatever it is, it's been dominating volleyball for nigh on thirty years. Bow to the master.

+Next weeks challenge: NHL commissioner for a day - You have been made NHL commissioner for one day and are aloud to institute three new rules. What are they?

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